Access The Economist online

The IRC/Library provides access to The Economist online.

Since the publisher has changed their access method, please register for an account in three easy steps:

1) Register on The Economist website using your email address.
2) You will receive a verification email titled “You’ve been given an Economist subscription” from, where you can verify your email address.
3) You will be returned to and will have full access to the subscription.

Please note that after a transition period access via a Constructor University IP address will no longer be available and you must be a registered user.

New to The Economist? Please download the welcome package:

Welcome to The Economist (PDF)

Times Higher Education (THE) online access

From 9 January 2023, Constructor University members can access Times Higher Education (THE) free of charge. Our institutional subscription gives all our university members unlimited access to THE content online. It allows you to read online articles and digital editions, plus the rankings supplements, on the THE website.

Register your account

Follow these steps so that your personal THE account is associated with Constructor University’s institutional subscription:

  1. On the THE campus page click on the user account icon (i.e. the red person icon in the top right) and select register.
  2. Register using your Constructor University email address ending
  3. Create a username and password. Your username will display on the site if you add comments to articles.

The user account icon will show as red when you are not logged in, and green when you are.

THE info page
Click here for introductory information, FAQs and links to key sections of the THE website.

Free access to an e-book collection about Ukraine

Due to recent events, Ebook Central / ProQuest has launched a campaign that gives you free access to an e-book collection.

Until June 30, 2022, you can benefit from currently 225 e-books that deal with the background and dimensions of the situation in Ukraine. These free titles are available on our e-book platform.

Publishers such as Academic Studies Press, Bloomsbury Publishing, Harvard University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Springer, Taylor & Francis and many more are participating in this campaign.

The title list can be found via this link.

New login to your library account

1. On the Library webpage, select “My Account”

2. Select the button “Jacobs University gGmbH SSO”

3. Enter your CampusNet username followed by “”

4. Enter your CampusNet password.

5. Now you’re logged into your account.

Start using CAS SciFinder-n

Your access to the classic CAS SciFinder platform will end on September 30, 2021.

If you are using classic SciFinder and haven’t fully migrated your saved answers and alerts to CAS SciFinder-n, please update your web browser bookmarks to the CAS SciFinder-n login URL and migrate your saved answers and alerts from CAS SciFinder to CAS SciFindern.

If you need help, please check out the resources below:
Recorded webinars
Other training materials

IRC/Library safety during COVID-19

In order ensure the health and well-being of all library users, the following safety measures are in place:

  • The 3G rule will apply in the IRC/Library from the start of the Fall semester. This means that all persons in the library must be fully vaccinated, recovered, or tested from September 1 on.
  • Do not enter the library building if you’re showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Wear a medical face mask in the building when you are not seated.
  • Please take care of hand hygiene.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.50 meters in the building.
  • Borrowing of books and other library materials remains possible at the Circulation Desk during opening hours, but please keep an adequate distance.
  • Return all checked out books to the return box in the entrance area of the library.
  • Unnecessary stays at the library should be avoided, so please send renewal and other requests via email to:

Please note that the library is currently not public for non-Jacobs guests.

Each user is responsible for following these safety instructions in all library premises.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Resumption of lending and return operations

Dear library users,

You can again borrow books and other items at the circulation desk.

In order to protect you and us all as best as possible during this time and to comply with the existing regulations for infection protection, we ask you to

  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 m inside the IRC/library.
  • Return all checked out books and other items to the drop box next to the circulation desk.
  • Request renewals via email at:

The workstations will remain closed for use until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging period!

+++ Interlibrary loan services have been resumed +++

Interlibrary loan currently closed

Due to the spread of the Corona virus and the related closure of universities, libraries and the book transport service in Germany, the interlibrary loan service had to be stopped until further notice.

We ask for your understanding.

DEAL-Wiley Open Access Publication

The DEAL project group has signed a three-year contract with Wiley, which Jacobs University Bremen has joined.

One of the major objectives of the DEAL project is to achieve immediate open access publication of new research articles by authors from German institutions.

If you wish to publish open access, there are two options with different funding:

  • Hybrid open access publication in subscription-based journals (“OnlineOpen”).
  • Publication in Gold Open Access journals (“Fully Open Access”).

Hybrid open access publication in subscription-based journals (“OnlineOpen”)

The Open Access publication costs in a subscription-based journal will be funded by an agreed upon “publish and read-fee” and will incur no additional costs for you, subject to the following conditions:

  • The Corresponding Author must be a researcher or faculty member of Jacobs University Bremen upon acceptance of the publication (acceptance date).
  • If affiliated to several research institutions, a primary affiliation should be indicated. This is the institution where the research has been done. The publication will then be allocated financially to this institution.
  • Only primary research or review articles are covered by the contract, other types of articles are not eligible to participate in the contract.
  • The publication must have been accepted on 01.07.2019 or later (acceptance date). Publications that have been previously accepted will not be covered by the contract.

Please note that publishing open access in a subscription-based journal is set as a default, but optional.

Publication in Gold Open Access journals (“Fully Open Access”)

When publishing in a Gold Open Access journal (accepted as of 22.01.2019), authors receive a 20% discount on the APC. Please note that, in this case, the publication costs are not covered by the above mentioned “publish and read-fee” and may incur additional costs for you. Please contact your supervisor / cost center responsible person regarding the funding.

Note: Open Access publication in ChemistryOpen is currently pending funding.

FAQ for Authors
Description of the OpenOnline workflow for authors
Description of the Fully Open Access workflow for authors

SciFindern now available

The IRC/Library and all Jacobs University Bremen members now have access to the SciFindern database. SciFindern is the newest SciFinder product.

It records chemical reactions in more detail than the classic SciFinder version and provides access to all chemical abstracts databases with a new graphical user interface and enhanced search features.

In addition, SciFindern contains the PatentPak modul, which can quickly localize chemical information within patents.

The classic SciFinder platform still remains available.

With an existing SciFinder account, you can login to SciFindern here:

We encourage you to migrate your saved answers and alerts (“Keep Me Posted”) to SciFindern: Just click the bookmark icon on top of the page, then click “Migrate” under “Migrate Alerts & Saved Results”.

If you would like to register for a new account, please visit: and enter your CampusNet username and password. Please make sure that you are connected to the university’s network.

Quick reference guide: click here.

New RefWorks now available

We are pleased to inform you that the IRC/Library has upgraded to New

It is a new web interface to our RefWorks reference management software which offers several new features compared to the old version (Legacy RefWorks).

Both New and Legacy RefWorks remain available to you.

All new RefWorks accounts will automatically be created in New RefWorks.

If you are already using Legacy RefWorks, the next time you log in to your account, you will see an option to move to the newest version at any time that suits you.

When you sign up with the new version, you will have an opportunity to migrate all of your existing references to the new software (please consider before you do this that it is a one-way process and references in New RefWorks cannot be transferred back to Legacy RefWorks).

For further information about the upgrading process and all available features in both versions, please visit:

Guide to New RefWorks

No check-out on Sundays

Books or other library items may not be checked out at the Circulation Desk on Sundays.

The IRC/Library remains open and books may still be used within the library and checked in at the Circulation Desk.

Ebook Central downtime

Our provider “ProQuest” will be performing maintenance on their ebook platforms.

Ebook Central will be unavailable for approximately two hours beginning Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 6 p.m.

During maintenance you can still check out or return printed books at the Circulation Desk.

Full-featured computers in the IRC/Library

We are happy to announce that six full-featured computers are available in the library stacks area now.

They all have the latest version of Microsoft Office installed and we invite you to use them by signing in with your CampusNet username and password. Library patrons without a CampusNet account can request access information at the circulation desk.

Please note that after five minutes of inactivity the devices lock the screen and automatically log out the user after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The new devices will replace the old ones after a time of transition.

Technical issue with ebook online access

+++ This issue is now resolved +++

Dear library patron,

Due to problems outside our control, we are currently experiencing issues accessing several ProQuest “Ebook Central” titles.

Attempting to access these titles via the online link leads to the following message: “Sorry, this book is not available. Please contact your librarian about purchasing it, or search for another book.”

We are working with the supplier to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, if you encounter this problem, please email the URL to and we will look into it.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Release of Turnitin Feedback Studio in August

Dear Turnitin user,

1st August 2017 will see the launch of a new interface for marking work in Turnitin, called the Turnitin Feedback Studio. It replaces the previous Document Viewer.

The Turnitin Feedback Studio has been designed to provide a simple and clear interface for you to check originality and mark online. Turnitin is still accessed in the same way and there is no change to the design of the assignment Inbox.

The first time you access the Feedback Studio you will be offered a quick tour of the new interface to get you started.

For full details go to:

New subscription to Scopus

Dear library patron,

The IRC/Library is happy to announce a new institutional subscription to “Scopus”, which replaces “Web of Science”.

Scopus is by its own account the “largest ‘abstract and citation’ database of peer-reviewed literature”. It contains English abstracts of peer-reviewed publications from all subject areas, and supports searches on document, author, and affiliation level. Among the provided research metrics are citation count, citation history, h-index as well as 4 different journal metrics.

Access to Scopus is possible from the Jacobs network, if you are off campus you’ll need to start a VPN connection. An individual login is only required to create alerts.

Please start to explore Scopus at!

More information about Scopus is available in this Subscription Update. Questions? Please contact!

IRC/Library online search interface greatly improved

Dear library patron,

The IRC/Library is happy to announce an important step in enhancing usability and accessibility of Jacobs University’s many information resources by greatly improving the search function on the library’s home page! For the first time in Jacobs’ history, the online library search function includes all of our information resources, and within a simplified web form. No more tabs!

The search includes millions of articles and more than 30k electronic journals, 340k ebooks, 60k books, 800 dvds, the course reserves, Jacobs’ PhD theses, and several dozen databases, including national licenses. Results can be drilled down and content accessible online can be opened directly from the search results.

Please have a look at the new Library home page at and send your feedback to

You may want to read more about this in what’s new.

PS: The old tabbed interface is still available!

Ebook platform has been relaunched

Dear library user,

Jacobs University’s ebook platform EBL has been relaunched as the new ProQuest “Ebook Central” portal which you can find at

You can access Ebook Central in the same way as before using your CampusNet username and password. Lists you have created have been preserved. As before, you can also find all Jacobs ebooks in our library catalog at

The print and copy quota will now be reset every 24 hours (instead of every 6 weeks as before). Therefore, you may print or download another 40% and copy 20% of an ebook every day if necessary. The exact amount depends on the publisher, though, but is displayed with each ebook. Also, mobile access has been enhanced.

If you need any further help or information on using Ebook Central, just let the IRC/Library team know!

PhD thesis: number of required printed copies after defense reduced

Dear PhD students,

As of now, you only have to hand in 4 printed copies of the final version of your PhD thesis after its successful defense—regardless of whether you publish through IRC/Library or a publishing house. Besides we only ask for 2 additional copies of the publisher’s edition in case you publish through a publishing house.

In that way, meeting one of the last formal requirements for obtaining a PhD degree involves less money and paper. Please see the updated IRC’s Guide for Publishing a Dissertation for details.

New publication server online

Dear PhD students,

We are very happy to announce the availability of the IRC/library’s new publication server at which from now on will be used to publish PhD thesis according to section 19 of the Policies and Procedures Governing Graduate Study to the general public!

This makes it much easier for you to submit your finalized dissertation thesis for online publication after successful defense and will lead to a faster release to the public, including linked catalogues like the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and WorldCat.

Due to this development the information page about preparing your dissertation thesis for publication was also much simplified, check it out at

This process and server is only for the publication of the finalized PhD thesis after a successful defense, it is _not_ for submitting the thesis for review and defense!

For all those of you who already have submitted their thesis to the IRC/Library for publication, you don’t need to do anything different from what has been communicated to you. We’ll handle the transition for you!

All the best for your studies and success in your research!

New content on EBL (Ebook Library) in October 2015

We added 130,296 new EBL titles to our catalog this month. This allows Jacobs Community members to access more than 340,000 titles on the EBL platform with their Campusnet username and password. Additional titles are regularly added to the collection.

Change in loan policy for ebooks

Our online ebook collection currently includes about 220.000 e-books, and more titles are added regularly. Only a minority of these ebooks have been purchased by Jacobs University, all others are instantly licensed when you access them.

In the past, after a short uncharged browse time you could lend a book not yet purchased by Jacobs for a day, leading to an unmediated short term loan (STL) incurring costs to Jacobs University. Unfortunately, due to yearly price increases of up to 1,000% (yes, you read that correctly, ten times as much!), we need to adapt the lending and purchasing policy for ebooks.

In the future, the previous unmediated short term loan is still possible, as long as the cost per loan is within a threshold. If this requirement is not met, the request to access the ebook will be assessed by the library and STL granted or the ebook purchased depending on costs incurred and the options as made available by the publisher.

We expect this change to affect only a minority of the available ebooks and will process any loan or purchase requests as fast as possible. Please note that for you as a library user and Jacobs Community member the loan or purchase of an ebook remains free and you will not be charged.

Kind regards,
Your IRC/Library Team