IRC/Library online search interface greatly improved

Dear library patron,

the IRC/Library is happy to announce an important step in enhancing usability and accessibility of Jacobs University’s many information resources by greatly improving the search function on the library’s home page! For the first time in Jacobs’ history, the online library search function includes all of our information resources, and within a simplified web form. No more tabs!

The search includes millions of articles and more than 30k electronic journals, 340k ebooks, 60k books, 800 dvds, the course reserves, Jacobs’ PhD theses, and several dozen databases, including national licenses. Results can be drilled down and content accessible online can be opened directly from the search results.

Please have a look at the new Library home page at and send your feedback to

PS: The old tabbed interface is still available!

Ebook platform has been relaunched

Dear library user,

Jacobs University’s ebook platform EBL has been relaunched as the new ProQuest “Ebook Central” portal which you can find at

You can access Ebook Central in the same way as before using your CampusNet username and password. Lists you have created have been preserved. As before, you can also find all Jacobs ebooks in our library catalog at

The print and copy quota will now be reset every 24 hours (instead of every 6 weeks as before). Therefore, you may print or download another 40% and copy 20% of an ebook every day if necessary. The exact amount depends on the publisher, though, but is displayed with each ebook. Also, mobile access has been enhanced.

If you need any further help or information on using Ebook Central, just let the IRC/Library team know!

PhD thesis: number of required printed copies after defense reduced

Dear PhD students,

As of now, you only have to hand in 4 printed copies of the final version of your PhD thesis after its successful defense—regardless of whether you publish through IRC/Library or a publishing house. Besides we only ask for 2 additional copies of the publisher’s edition in case you publish through a publishing house.

In that way, meeting one of the last formal requirements for obtaining a PhD degree involves less money and paper. Please see the updated IRC’s Guide for Publishing a Dissertation for details.

Dear students and researchers: You can participate in a provider’s survey to improve ebook services.

You are invited to participate in ProQuest’s 2016 Global Student & Researcher Ebook Survey.

ProQuest is a vendor providing Jacobs University with ebooks. They are asking for your feedback in order to increase understanding of ebook usage and needs.

According to ProQuest, participation should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. ProQuest will enter all participants who opted-in into a drawing for one of three Apple watches. The prize winners will be notified by ProQuest in June using the email addresses entered in the survey.

This survey is voluntary and all responses received will be treated in the strictest confidence. Email addresses will not be shared outside of ProQuest and will not be included in the survey results, which will be publicly available later this year.

Here is the link to the survey:

New publication server online

Dear PhD students,

We are very happy to announce the availability of the IRC/library’s new publication server at which from now on will be used to publish PhD thesis according to section 19 of the Policies and Procedures Governing Graduate Study to the general public!

This makes it much easier for you to submit your finalized dissertation thesis for online publication after successful defense and will lead to a faster release to the public, including linked catalogues like the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and WorldCat.

Due to this development the information page about preparing your dissertation thesis for publication was also much simplified, check it out at

This process and server is only for the publication of the finalized PhD thesis after a successful defense, it is _not_ for submitting the thesis for review and defense!

For all those of you who already have submitted their thesis to the IRC/Library for publication, you don’t need to do anything different from what has been communicated to you. We’ll handle the transition for you!

All the best for your studies and success in your research!

New content on EBL (Ebook Library) in October 2015

We added 130,296 new EBL titles to our catalog this month. This allows Jacobs Community members to access more than 340,000 titles on the EBL platform with their Campusnet username and password. Additional titles are regularly added to the collection.

Change in loan policy for ebooks

Our online ebook collection currently includes about 220.000 e-books, and more titles are added regularly. Only a minority of these ebooks have been purchased by Jacobs University, all others are instantly licensed when you access them.

In the past, after a short uncharged browse time you could lend a book not yet purchased by Jacobs for a day, leading to an unmediated short term loan (STL) incurring costs to Jacobs University. Unfortunately, due to yearly price increases of up to 1,000% (yes, you read that correctly, ten times as much!), we need to adapt the lending and purchasing policy for ebooks.

In the future, the previous unmediated short term loan is still possible, as long as the cost per loan is within a threshold. If this requirement is not met, the request to access the ebook will be assessed by the library and STL granted or the ebook purchased depending on costs incurred and the options as made available by the publisher.

We expect this change to affect only a minority of the available ebooks and will process any loan or purchase requests as fast as possible. Please note that for you as a library user and Jacobs Community member the loan or purchase of an ebook remains free and you will not be charged.

Kind regards,
Your IRC/Library Team