Publish through IRC/Library

Publish a PhD thesis

As part of the requirements to receive a PhD degree from Constructor University, the PhD thesis must be published within one year after the successful defense (cf. the university’s academic policies). One possibility of fulfilling this requirement is to publish the digital version of a PhD thesis on the World Wide Web through the IRC/Library.

In order to submit your PhD thesis to the IRC/Library for publication, you must:

  1. Read the Guide for Publishing a Dissertation
  2. Contact the IRC Publications Officer and declare your intention to publish through the IRC/Library
  3. Upon confirmation by the IRC Publications Officer, upload your PhD thesis

The submission of your PhD thesis for publication is not to be confused with the submission of your PhD thesis for the reviewing process. For the latter, see information relevant to the reviewing process.

You may also want to:

Publish a technical report

The Technical Reports of Constructor University are written to convey new developments or final results of scientific and technical research. These can be found online.

Please prepare your report in pdf format; Postscript or Word is also possible but not encouraged.

  • If you use LaTeX, employ the LaTeX template (save file to end in “.tex”) that includes the university logo.
  • If you use Word, employ the Word template.
  • Please also prepare an abstract that is going to be published with the report on the technical report webpage. Please use simple text or Word for this abstract.

In addition, the main author must submit the Declaration on Publication in written form having the original signature. All co-authors must submit the form Declaration of Consent. Please ask by email for the in-house mail address.