Materials that are to be added to the IRC’s collections must be ordered through IRC Acquisitions. They remain the property of the IRC and can be found in the library catalog. Faculty and staff will not be reimbursed for any materials purchased for the IRC collections.

Please contact us at to make an acquisition suggestion, except for course literature. You may track the status of orders in the library catalog.

Our general guidelines for purchases to include in our collection are:

  • materials must be in the English language;
  • materials should be published more recently than 2012; and
  • the item must reflect the scope of and be relevant to the Constructor University curriculum or research agenda

Please keep in mind that it takes an average of six weeks for items to become available. If you have any questions about the delivery time of an item,

Course literature (reserves)

All course literature must be entered into CampusNet in order to be put on reserve (see instructions). To allow enough time for materials to be available by the beginning of the semester, please enter the information for your courses into CampusNet as early as possible (May 31 for the fall semester; November 30 for the spring semester).

Office copies (permanent loan)

All items bought with Constructor University funds become part of the IRC collections. If you need a book or other item for your office (purchased with your funds), please:

  1. Complete the Book Purchase Request form, print it, and have it signed by your Dean. An additional signature by the grants manager is required if you are using grant money.
  2. Submit the printed form via intercampus mail to IRC Acquisitions.
  3. You will be informed about the expected delivery date and the item will be sent to your office once it has arrived.

Journals & databases

Please send recommendations for new subscriptions to journals and databases to Due to the long-term financial commitments that go along with such subscriptions, the IRC collects all recommendations for serials and evaluates them on a regular basis (ideally every 3 months). For the content evaluation, faculty experts may be contacted. In any case, the IRC will keep the recommendations updated on the status of the request.

The IRC can only subscribe to journals and not order single issues for the collection. If you need an entire journal issue of a journal to which the IRC does not subscribe, please order it through your school using your cost center.