What’s new?


As of now, the library provides you with a new search interface. Benefits are:

  • a single interface to search across all electronic and printed information resources
  • less clicks to go to the full text using the prominent “Access online” button
  • all search results are part of the university’s subscriptions and hence available to the user
  • the new search interface also works well on mobile devices

Please note: The old tabbed interface is still available.

Citation Linker is discontinued

In the past, we asked you to use the Citation Linker to check whether a specific book or article is available at the library. Contrary to expectations, the Citation Linker did not search all our holdings, but only parts of them. That’s why we replaced the Citation Linker with the new search interface.

Changes to inter-library Loan (ILL)

Instead of using the Citation Linker to place an ILL order, please do the following:

  1. Use the new search interface
  2. If your search yields no results, in the upper-right corner click on “Library Links”, “Order Item via ILL”
  3. Place your ILL order by choosing one of the available options

Please note, that the ILL order form will not be auto-populated with the bibliographic details of your search! That’s why you will have to repeat them when placing your order. We realize that placing an ILL order in that way becomes more tedious. However, by providing you with a tool that searches across all our holdings, we are confident that we can make many ILL requests unnecessary in the first place.

New link resolver

A reference manager—or: bibliographic management software—that supports the usage of a library’s link resolver can annotate each of your references with a link to the full text. Upon click that link checks the availability of the full text through your library and—if available—redirects you to the full text.
If you have a reference manager other than RefWorks, and if your reference manager uses the link resolver of the IRC/Library, you will have to update the URL of the link resolver to the following:


Users of RefWorks do not have to update anything, since the IRC/Library has applied this change on their behalf.